Why Do British Lawyers And Judges Wear Wigs In The Courtroom?

Many lawyers and judges in Britain wear wigs while working, most commonly during trials or oral arguments in court. This is not only prevalent among top tier attorneys and justices, but also common for young professionals who are beginning their career in law. Some even find it to be an integral part of the job that helps set them apart from other lawyers with similar levels of experience.

There are several reasons why this happens. For one, many believe that wearing a wig makes you look more professional and sophisticated. It can also help emphasize important points made during trial, such as when an attorney argues his case or a judge rules on a matter. Some even claim that it helps distract audience members’ attention away from any personal issues they may have about the lawyer or person, helping create a sense of calm environment.

However, some see wig-wearing as unnecessarily flashy or self-conscious. Others think it is ugly or distracting because it draws too much attention to the hair instead of the argument being heard. A few even say that lawyers and judges should go bald so people will notice what an incredible profession they are in, which is then an appropriate way to present themselves.

They are practical

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In earlier times, people did not have access to professional hairstylists or salons that could do hair services. As such, most individuals had to live with their natural hair style unless they were rich enough to pay someone else to do it for them.

In fact, many famous personalities used their own hair as a way to express themselves or as an advertisement for their business or company. Some even paid close attention to their hair so much that they became known professionally due to it!

However, since most people couldn’t afford expensive haircuts, wearing a wig was one of the few options available to them.

They are comfortable

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

A wig is a wearable piece of clothing that covers your hair. Some people feel that lawyers and judges should not wear wigs because they think it sets them apart from other professionals, who do not dress in costume.

But wearing a wig is extremely comfortable. Most professional hairstylists use very thin wefts of human or synthetic hair to keep up with trends so a lawyer can easily mix and match their look.

Wearing a wig also allows for more variety in terms of style, tone, and length of hair. You never know what kind of court case you will be attending!

Furthermore, some professions require formal attire, but no one really specifies how to fit into those clothes. For example, lawyers usually have to choose either pants or skirts, but not both at the same time.

However, since wigs are mostly fabric, there are many ways to dress yours up or down depending on the situation.

They are stylish

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

A lawyer’s or judge’s wig is more than just an elegant fashion statement, it is also their professional uniform. When you go to court, you will probably see some lawyers wearing wavy brown hair with darker shades of brown being most popular.

For judges, there are many different varieties of hairstyles they can choose from. Some opt for very formal looks that have longer lengths and larger volumes of curls. Others prefer sleek and short styles with little to no volume.

There are even some who don’t wear any sort of hairstyle at all! These individuals usually put on makeup instead. All of these variations are due to personal style, not because of legal requirements.

Why do we talk about court uniforms so much? Because we expect our courts to be fair and impartial. If someone was wearing sweatshirts during a trial, we would definitely think twice before giving them a chance to speak. We want people to believe that the laws are equal for everyone, which includes them.

That is why people who represent clients get paid lots of money- they are investing in long term success for their companies. And as we know, investment professionals are paid according to how well they perform their jobs.

They are a signature of the court

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

When we refer to wigs, we typically mean for men to put on a business hairstyle with some up-do’s or braids. However, this can include anything from tresses that cover most of the face to totally fake hair or even shaved off all of his hair!

Why do lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

It is very important to note that not every lawyer will choose to don a wig when he/she enters into the legal system as an attorney. Some will remain natural hairdos while working hard to achieve their goal of being admitted into practice law.

However, there are many reasons why it is important to dress in fashion that show your professionalism and self-respect. One of these is wearing a wig in the workplace.

For example, if you work for a large company then it is expected that you match the other professionals in appearance, style, and attire. If they have made an entrance in the office dressed professionally, then so should you!

This also applies if you go out for lunch together after work. Even though you might eat at a restaurant that does not require formal clothes, people will expect you to look professional while socializing.

Furthermore, if you are attending a gathering or event such as a party or conference, then staying in fashion is appropriate. By dressing formally you represent the organization better by showing them how professional you are.

They are a tradition

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

There is no clear explanation for why it has been done for so long, but some say it is because lawyers and judges like to dress up, or that they feel more professional in costume. Others believe it is just to look cool!

Many people have theories about how it started, but none of them seem particularly convincing. What we do know is that there is at least one lawyer who never wore a wig in court, and he was made fun of for his choice.

Since then, most lawyers and justices have adopted this style, and it seems to help take their mind offofthe matter at hand while also looking stylish. It can also aid in hiding any stress or worry that may be present.

Some courts even require lawyers to wear hats or wigs during hearings, which helps prevent distracting patterns and shapes from being seen. This could make it harder to remember things if you were not prepared, or to read documents easily if your vision is blocked by all of the decorations.

They are a form of censorship

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

In England and Wales, it is compulsory for lawyers to wear wigs while appearing in court. It is also required for judges! This is done not only to make them look more formal but also as a way to censor their appearance or expression.

Wearing a wig is an excellent way to conceal your natural hair style. By doing this, you can disguise what kind of hairstyle you have at the time. This helps prevent people from knowing if you’ve just cut your hair off due to stress, loss of love, etc.

It is also very cost effective. A good quality human hair wig will usually be around £50-£100. There may even be companies that offer discount coupons and/or student discounts for professional looking wigs.

They are important for tax purposes

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

As mentioned before, lawyers and judges have to include some sort of personal appearance in the courtroom to be able to represent their clients.

This includes wearing an appropriate legal dress that is consistent with the court they are appearing in as well as having proper professional looking hair and wear lots of accessories like rings, watches, and neckties.

All this is done so people can easily identify you as a lawyer or judge and know what kind of services you will provide them.

It also helps prevent accidental misrepresentation of yourself, your law firm, or of one of your clients. This could result in penalties or even lawsuits if someone is misled about who you are or what you do.

They are important for job security

Why do British lawyers and judges wear wigs in the courtroom?

In England and Wales, it is mandatory to wear a wig while acting as a lawyer or judge. It is not optional unless you want to be barred from practicing law or being appointed as a judges!

Wearing a wig is also considered professional dress that reflects on your prestige. This looks good for your career since lawyers and judges are seen as prestigious individuals.

It helps reinforce this perception by showing how dedicated you are to your profession. People will think that you put lots of effort into appearing impressive through your appearance.

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