Why do movies-releases on-Friday-in-India?

Those who love the movie are waiting every Friday for the week. In India, the trend of film releasing has been going on for many years on Friday. Today we are going to tell you why the director-producers have so much affection since Friday and why most of the films are released this day. Often people of us believe that the concept of film release on Friday came from Hollywood in India. The film Gone with the Wind was released on December 15, 1939, on Friday. From then on every film started releasing on Friday. While in India the films did not start to be released on Friday till the 50’s.

Debut film which was released on Friday

The first film which was released on Friday was screened on Neal Kamal on Monday, 24 March 1947. After this, the historical movie Mughal-e-Azam was the first such film to release on 5th August 1960 on Friday. Though there was no circulation of the color TV at that time, the films were released continuously on Friday. More Small-Scale Industry of Mumbai started giving half its work to Friday so that people could go to the movies. One of the reasons is that Friday is the last working day of the week. Offices with most school-colleges are on Saturday-Sunday. In these two days, people spend time with family, shopping, roaming, watching films. If you spend a lot of money in total, then mobilization is also awaited at the cinema hall, hence the film is released on Friday too. In India, it is said that Friday is the day of Lakshmi. Producers believe that Lakshmi will continue to be pleased with her release on Friday.

why do movies releases on Friday in india

These films released in the second day

Many directors and producers released films in other days breaking the trendsetter. In 2006, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s film Rang De Basanti was released on Wednesday, and ‘Sultan’ was released on Thursday. Both films proved to be a box office hit.

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