Why are some trees painted white at the bottom?

During your traveling you will find lots of trees painted white, but why is this done? You probably will not have any information about this, so today we are giving you information about this so that you can know the reason behind this fact.

Due to tree painting, the tree age increases, and tree protection is also improved. Because it can not be harvested. Strips made on trees are a sign of the fact that they are in the eyes of the forest department. This way the safety of the tree increases.

Although in some states only white paint is used to paint the trees, but in many states, red and blue colours are also being used.
Thus, the forest department works on trees to protect trees.

The trees along the highway road are also painted with white colour so that it is more vibrant during the night. That is, even more in the night time. However, in many places, so these colors are painted with many colors. For example, white, red, blue etc.

The most important reason for painting white paint in the lower part of the tree is that by doing so, the new bark of the tree is protected from cracking and bursting. Because it can seem very easily insects and fungi. If not painted, trees can be wormwood, which can cause damage to trees. As well as colonization, infection or insect attack can be easily seen and treated during the time.

Another reason the tree which you see on the side of the road is the government’s plan of ‘Social Forestry Scheme’. Trees are planted along the roadside under this scheme. The fund is funded by the World Bank and the maintenance work is done by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.


Overall, this painting done on trees is, first of all, to protect them and then our lives. If someone damages such a tree
and you get to know, immediately report it to the police, after all this is also necessary for your safety.

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