Why President Elected Indirectly

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Hillary Clinton should be voted into office next year. Many people have very strong opinions either way, with some even going as far to call for an election do-over!

While it is great that so many people are passionate about politics, it can get confusing for voters trying to figure out who to believe. It is definitely helpful to know the reasons why someone might support one candidate over another, but what if they don’t?

That is where things become trickier. You could spend hours researching the differences between candidates and the issues, but still come up empty because you never find a clear answer.

It is tough being in the middle when there is such a heated argument surrounding each side, but here at The Good Men Project we want to make sure everyone has a place to turn to for informed discussion. That is why today we will discuss the positives and negatives of electing someone directly instead of indirectly.

We will also look at the importance of voting and how this impacts your choice during elections.

Who is President of the United States?

why president elected indirectly

Technically, the president of the United States is not elected directly by citizens but instead gets selected by Congress. However, since we are talking about perception here, let’s go with what most people think – the person who wins the election becomes our leader!

Many people can be mistaken when it comes to how presidential elections work, so let’s clear up some myths.

Presidential candidates aren’t actually chosen by the voters; they are picked by one individual: the winner is then supported by the rest of the party to win the position. This process happens in a completely closed system, where no candidate has direct access to voters outside their own team.

This isn’t always the case though as there have been instances such as Franklin D. Roosevelt being nominated by both his center-left Democratic Party and right wing Republican Party before he won outright. But these situations are very rare.

Donald Trump

why president elected indirectly

As discussed earlier, there are several reasons why electing someone indirectly is not ideal. One of these being that it can create an inexperienced leader who does not have enough time to learn about leading our country before taking charge.

Another major drawback is that people who do not agree with the leadership position will feel disenfranchised because they did not get direct access to power.

A third reason is that even if you voted for the indirect candidate, you may not trust them to lead effectively in the future. You also might not believe that their leadership style is appropriate for this situation.

Hillary Clinton

why president elected indirectly

After months of media coverage, debates, conversations, and arguments about whether or not you are a Democrat or Republican first, it seems that we have finally reached the conclusion: You Are A Liberal!

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president-elect, it is time to redefine what a liberal is in this country.

I will start by defining what a conservative is. A conservative is someone who believes in limited government, individual responsibility, and respect for authority. They believe in an America that works better for wealthy people and large corporations than it does for average citizens.

A liberal, on the other hand, believes that bigger government is the solution to every problem. Liberals want to create more regulations, spend more money, and influence political decisions through big donations.

Hillary Clinton clearly did not represent conservatives’ beliefs, so she lost votes during the election. She was very close to being voted into office several times, but she never had a chance because she wanted larger governments and higher taxes.

After spending three years campaigning as a representative of liberals, it is clear that voters made their decision based off of her reputation instead of listening to her words and experiences. If she were to run again in four years, I am sure she would still be considered a liberal.

So now that we know what a liberal is, let us see why it is important to be one in today’s society.

Bernie Sanders

why president elected indirectly

During his campaign, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders consistently voiced his desire to bring about major change in how America is run. He wanted to see an overhaul of our political system that has been broken for too long.

He was very vocal about his disapproval of the way both Republican and Democratic leaders have worked over the past few years. These elites are only looking out for themselves while ignoring the needs of the average American.

By taking care of their own personal success, they forget about the rest of us. We are being left behind because we are not part of the elite.

In fact, Sanders made it clear throughout his campaign that he would put forth more proposals than anyone else. He called himself a democratic socialist which got him a lot of attention and media coverage.

Many people believe that now that Donald Trump has won the election, socialism is dead. This isn’t true at all!

Socialism will never go away unless we as Americans make it go away. It can be done through voting for candidates who represent your beliefs rather than seeking power for yourself.

It can also be done by supporting organizations such as the Green Party or running for public office yourself. All of these things take effort but mean something to you and this country.

We should always keep ourselves open to new ideas since nothing is ever truly gone.

Who would you choose?

why president elected indirectly

If you’re like most people, your choice comes down to someone either very close to you or who is well known. You may even be able to name them! But here’s the thing: it doesn’t really matter which one you pick because no matter whom you select, Hillary Clinton will continue her reign as America’s Queen.

She’ll remain in that position for at least another year, if not two, and she’ll keep ruling over us until next November when we have an opportunity to replace her with someone else. And I’m telling you now, nobody can stop her then.

If you’re looking to cause a stir and get some reactions, go ahead and vote for Bernie Sanders. He’ll definitely bring out the passion of Democrats all across America, but he’s also a polarizing figure.

He has a tendency to say things that many people won’t agree with, so his followers are just as likely to celebrate his win after election day as they are to tear up while doing yard work.

What does this mean for the country?

why president elected indirectly

The election of Donald Trump as president is a huge deal not just because he was elected, but also because he was not directly elected into power. This is what makes the difference between an authoritarian leader and a democratic one.

In a system where we have direct elections, voters can choose to vote for someone else instead of voting for the person who promises to help them. They could vote against the candidate they didn’t like, or they could write in or endorse a third party candidate.

This isn’t possible when there are indirect elections. Once you place your ballot in a pile that is counted, it is burned!

By having indirect elections, people don’t get their chance to reject the presidential candidate outright, which helps keep democracy strong. It also means that if the voter doesn’t feel comfortable with any of the candidates, they cannot take action by rejecting either of them.

Does this change anything?

why president elected indirectly

Changing who is elected president has always been an interesting process, to say the least. In fact, some of the most significant changes in our nation’s history happened because someone decided they were no longer satisfied with the current leader.

This isn’t just true for changing from one person to another though; it also applies when there is a clear choice between two very similar candidates.

In these cases, even if everyone else chooses one candidate over the other, you are left feeling that either one could win. This doesn’t make sense until you think about it for a second — why would anyone get out their vote if they don’t believe their choice can win?

By not choosing any one option over the other, people end up letting someone less than ideal take office, which obviously isn’t good.

President-elect Trump was never officially voted into power by the majority of Americans, but he still won. He received more votes than his opponent, and therefore, as per the rule above, he still has a mandate. A large chunk of voters chose him over someone else, so it makes sense to consider them as supporters at least.

If nothing else, talk about how democracy works! If enough people want something, they will eventually get what they ask for, and winning an election is the first step towards getting things done.

What is President-Elect Trump’s agenda?

why president elected indirectly

The presidential election of 2016 was very direct, but that isn’t always the case in democracy. In fact, it is usually indirect. This is because not only does everyone have an equal right to vote, but people don’t always exercise this right!

In some countries, like Italy, you can easily skip voting if you don’t want to. There are even instances where no one runs for office so there is nothing to choose from! That doesn’t seem democratic, does it?!

Direct elections aren’t necessarily better than indirect ones, but they do make things more clear cut.

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